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Conspiracy Club Dispatches

What makes a good story? Sometimes it's
the author's research into true to life events, 
that makes a story BELIEVABLE in fiction. But an author looks for facts that seem too extraordinary to be real. We thought you might like reading about what authors get up to, when creating a new novel. If you would like to receive both a
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Hello and Welcome to our Happy independent publishing site.  

Happy London Press loves new writers whose vast talents lay all around us and hidden from view and we like to recognise their gifts they offer us. 

OK, so some books may not be so commercial, but reading should include something that gives you a different perspective on life, fill you with new knowledge, or an intrigue to ask questions.


At Happy London Press we love having lots of fun evenings, whether its an author reading from their pre-published novel, Actors dramatising books or inviting a selected few to become Beta-Readers, who can give a critique on the early stages of developing a new book.

If you would you like to become a Beta Reader contact Louise below.

Then you can either have the first copy - it maybe digital of it maybe printed - If its printed we will get it personalised at the front.

Email Louise: Happylondon@gmx.co.uk

Join in our fun and be part of our little booklovers' community, share with our authors' journeys when they create a new book, or a Special Events, or just enjoy reading our Thrilling Novels. 

Little London Adventure

New Photographic art book with amusing East End stories - about to be launched - CLICK HERE

Welcome to Happy London Press;

We like to introduce a new type of Independent self publishing. Its time authors got the lion's share of profits. If it wasn't for them there wouldn't be a dynamic book trade.

Help us support authors, by purchasing their books here - choose either ebooks or print to order - yes no more unsold books cluttering up landfill sites. All you have to do is place an order and in about 1 week - your chosen book 'hot off the press' will wing its way to you. Neat isn't it.

Have fun and do please join in - and if you are up for the occasional news, gossip and updates about the books we are publishing, do please sign in to this email button - even if its you gmail account.

...Go for it !

           and Thank you

Conspiracy Club Event

26th November 6.30-9pm 

An evening set in the deep historical part of East London in 16th century Parlour of the english Restaurant.

Actor XX will be reading from The Hamilton Conspiracy.

Crime Thriller novel by Andrew Segal. Whose Millianaire is the victim of a scam and is set to loose his fortune. But how does he avenge the global conspirators?

RSVP: to this murder mystery event

Hooray ! Congratulations to Tom Rubens
BOOK Launch 18th July in Bloomsbury London
 Into Full Sunlight


Philosphers far and wide are coming to listen to Tom's Talk about his new book and discuss the meanings behind his theories and studies. We all like to wish him the very best for Tonight's launch

Happy London Press likes to look at fiction in alternative ways, by exploring the vast talents that lay around us and hidden from view. We like to recognise debut authors for the gifts they offer us. We are Happy and we love the idea of offering a place for talented writers to shine. For us it’s about discovering the unknown, because for some things, it takes the tipping over of an applecart – so to speak, to discover real talents that hides in between conventions and traditions. OK, some books may not be so commercial, but reading should include something that gives you a different perspective on life. Fill you with a desire to find more.


And maybe for a reader too – to bring something that little bit more special, a bit different, out of the ordinary, and so we like to invite you to participate in our events, in odd places, meet our authors – maybe even help them to get even better.


If you love the sound of an alternative… well err… bookstall and like the idea of getting something more than just a good read – do please join in. If you are up for sharing our fun and don’t mind the occasional email to let you know what we are up to – please by all means send us you email via this automatic form (sorry, its automatic – it just helps to keep the boring paper work to a minimal).


Have a Happy Day and remember…


"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes” Andrew Carnegie