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Little box of Stories in Bloom with a Fortnum & Mason Teabag


There is so much pleasure in artisan gifts and reading story vignettes, so we wanted to increase this pleasure by bringing you a very special little box of sensual paintings with a twist, by artist Clare Newton. The Little box contains 8 delightful postcards to transport you to the sunny fields of Provance, a never-ending story map of pollenation ditties, a mini folded story book and 6 tactile Kraft envelopes and 2 kiss cut envelopes.  


This pleasure making a little box of stories can be your little treat to yourself - to enjoy each card and pin it around your writing desk for inspiration. Or enjoyment with leafing through the never-ending story map, with all its miniature story ditties waiting to pollinate your imagination for your next writing project. 


And don't you think that reading these stories over a nice afternoon tea would just bring heaven to earth for a moment? 


Well we have included a very, very special..ity tea bag from the delectable Fortnums & Masons. Some of their tea's are rare - so we may need to have a surprise Fortnum and Mason Tea bag in your box.


The joy of each little box of stories is that they are truly hand finished and may have little imperfections - well we think it makes each box authentic cottage industry artisan’ness and unique to you.


Or if your have a friend to well-wish -  choose a card and package it up with the mini story booklet enclosed in the kiss cut envelope and post it to your friend as a delightful gifty sort of pressie.


The best thought - is we have designed the Little box of stories with replenish’able refills eg pack of 4 fresh stories, more cards, and more envelopes - sharing the love and pleasure and help the environment.


This little box (C6) is contains; 

8 handcrafted postcards, 148mm x 105mm A6 (250gsm ice white silk)

1 mini story booklet 210mm x 297 folded to A6

1 map of story ditties 297 x 420 folded to A6

6 natural envelopes C6

2 kiss cut envelopes C6

parcelled up in a little brown kraft box and tied with double satin deep emerald ribbon.


Price include Postage and Packing



We ship the Little box of Stories in Bloom for free. in a postage box C5

If you would rather have it shipped to USA or anywhere else in the world, please email me your location for a shipping quote.


No returns or exchanges

But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.


Little box of Stories in Bloom

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