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Valentine's Serenade

Valentine's the Saint for Love. Although back in the 3rd century it was the romantic gesture that made Valentine a Saint when he secretly married Roman soldiers, who were prohibited due to their allegiance to the Emperor.

Romance has reached deep into our sense of desires with novels such as Pride and Prejudice and remember Scarlet O'Hara and Red Butler in Gone with the Wind? Now its time for a little poetical serenading to express our love.

If you are feeling the wistful air of romance and can serenade with words, send it to us by Saturday 9th February - the TOP 5 will be displayed on a new poets corner page on our website to celebrate your talent - One lucky #poet being sent the delightful love chocolates by #PierreMarcolini of Brussels.

How to Enter

Simply send your poem in to Karle marked "Romantic Poem" with your name and email address. And YES! It must be invented and written by you. Happylondon@gmx.co.uk by Saturday 9th February 8pm