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Photo Shoot

Spending a wet Saturday photographing Andrew's portrait for the websites.

Photoshoot at Canary Wharf under the silver columns of 1 Canada Square

Spent last Saturday 22nd September at Canary Wharf being photographed for the invitation to our Evening of Conspiracy, by Clare Newton of Happy Publishing, who is helping me promote my novels.

It was a day when rain constantly interrupted proceedings, but with Clare's commitment to our getting the job done, no matter what, we both coughed and sneezed our way through the hours until she felt we had sufficient pics of me to find one that wouldn't frighten the horses. In the event, with only a minor stampede of the equines to contend with, we seem, or rather Clare seems to have put something suitable, 'In the can,' as they say.

Happy Londoner's Thoughts

I am a Londoner, and have to say that whilst I am less familiar with Canary Wharf than I am with the older historic areas of the Capital, the Wharf provides a superlative contrast to the London most of us know so well.
With its modern walkways, waterways, boulevards, shopping areas, business spots and general ambiance, the Wharf still manages to offer a uniquely London flavour, and I love it. ”

The following evening the rains lifted to reveal a golden sunset over Canary's Wharf

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