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Earth Shakingly good Taglines

Meetups and Author groups give great insights into the world of book making.

Their open minded evenings, where published authors can either ask for advice from other more advanced authors or help answer the myriad of questions that befuddle indie authors.

Today's topic A group's critique to write more compelling blurb for the back of your book. The structural checklist :

1. Tag Line - So what is a tag line? - Its a short snappy sentence that sums up your book in a few lines. A really important headline that's catchy. It has to be immediately attention grabbing

There's a really famous one that attracted more than 1.5 million to his crime fiction book which reads...

" Would you Kill your wife to save you daughter?"

"An uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman" FourHourBody
"Is there something in string theory physics that can explain ghosts?" Pamela Moore Dionne
"Could you murder your wife to save your daughter? Alan Croft

So what's the reasoning behind tag lines?

Well its the starting block for your branding as an author, a flavour of your writing style that can help readers, bloggers, reviewers to capture their attention and in an instant get their interest before they read anything more.

For the really skilled marketeer a really great tag line is memorable and for that reason can be used all over the place. It can even go as far as your general branding such as on your website, business card or your email signature .

How to Create Your Own Tagline:

Think about the meat of what your tagline should be

1. Brainstorm. Scribble, doodle, sketch, mind map anything that comes to you head.

remember all those adjectives you had to cut from your novel - well go dig them up again.

2. What are your common themes in your stories?

Are they Crime Thrillers, Romance, Dark fantasy - Now think what other words can provide an image in the reader's minds.

3. Just keep your audience in mind as this will help remind you what appeals to them

4. Now take one word from each of the above points - approx 4 to 7 words max and play around with them - a bit like playing with scrabble letters . See what pops out ...

Write them down.... Yes all of them. because it could be a combination of two.

And Don’t just go with your first one because often just round the corner you may (believe it or not) discover a real fire cracker.

Author Taglines : A Good Planet Is Hard to Find.

"A Good Planet Is Hard to Find" Songwriter: Steve Forbert