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Serenade with St Valentines

Celebrate 14th February with 

Romantic poems


We love a taste of poetry especially if its' romantic. Words are the food of love and it never looses it appeal, just look we still enjoy #Shakespearian sonnets. #Valentines is just around the corner and we thought wouldn't it be romantic to publish on our website a special corner to celebrate new and talented poets.

If you are feeling the wistful air of romance and can serenade with words, send it to us bySaturday 9th February and the Top 5 will be displayed on a new poets corner page on our website to celebrate your talent - One lucky #poet being sent the delightful love chocolates by Pierre Marcolini of Brussels.



ALSO their very own An EBOOK  file they can upload and sell

Here’s a poem by 
Terry Newbury


Have you ever
Wondered, just
How do the
Dainty winged
Insects meet?
Perhaps the secret
Is their erratic
Flight. After all,
Flying as they

They are bound
To meet another
Sooner, rather than
They have, by
Our standard, so
Little time to
Meet and do
The necessary. before
Sunlit days die
As will they.

So when you
Next see the
Fluttering beauty.
Do not fear,
For not very
Far away will
Be it's heart’s
Desire, getting
Closer and closer.
Ooops! Sorry! Oh! 
It’s you.

How to Enter

Simply send your poem in to Karle marked 
"Romantic Poem" with your name and email address. And YES! It must be invented

and written by only you.

by Saturday 9th February 8pm



Almighty gold! whose magic charms dispense

Worth to the worthless, to the graceless grace,

To cowards valour, and to blockheads sense,

And to the withered maid a Hebe's face,

Poor love exiled, thou sitst on Hymen's throne;

Thou rulest the court, the senate, and the bar;

Henry Moore (1732-1802)