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Harvest the light

The third book in the Illumination Trilogy. This intellectual novel of humanist enlightenment. The trilogy charts the experiences of a central character named Richard Lane, a young Englishman who, benefits from the growth in social and educational opportunity made available in England during the 1960s.

I'm a Gigolo

Want a thrill before bedtime? This collection of dark, malevolent short stories by Andrew Segal - will set you up with colourful nightmares


In a quite village the unspeakable happens... Tammy, an unconventional detective discovers things aren't as they seem.


A youth's journey into expanded thinking (Illumination Series Book1) by Tom Rubens. Kindle edition Amazon Paperback book Launch May 25th

Wide illumination

The second novel in the Illumination Trilogy abut a young man's first romance.

The Hamilton Conspiracy

Extortion, kidnap & murder in the world of finance. Rich Businessman has to save his family and becomes embroiled in Murder.

Little London Adventures & Cockney c

Uncovering the richly endowed East London. Contemporary Photography with amusing short stories AVAILABLE Amazon, Pre-Order at Waterstones and Foyles


5 Short stories that mix Romance with an element to shock you

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