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Mature Man's Portrait

Declan O"Reilly


Andrew Segal

Clare Newton Jump4london.jpg

Clare Newton


Tom Ruben

Lyme Regis Murders

Author Andrew Segal Crime Thriller Fiction

Little London & Cockney Curiosities

Street Photography and witty short stories about London's hidden history

The Hamilton Consiracy

Author Andrew Segal Crime Thriller Fiction

merchandsie by Carle Taylor

Crime thriller, about three people connected to one criminal act: Can the victim ever escape


Flirtatious, Dark and Malevolent - Collection of short stories by Andrew Segal

Beads of Blood: And Other Stories

Short Horror Stories by Andrew Segal Horror and Thriller Fiction

Pretty-Boy-Short STories

Horror Short Stories by Andrew Segal

Spirit of Legends

Photographic Illustrated Travel and Biographies of extraordinary people Author Clare NEwton

Meet our new Authors 


Listen to their stories, sample their Crime Thriller fiction, scary short stories or Historical Espionage fiction.


Their books are available on Amazon just click on the links to purchase -– And Please let us know what interests you too - I am sure our authors would love to help.

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