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Lyme Regis Murders

by Andrew Segal


The shoreline was deserted apart from the four individuals cavorting close to the water’s edge.  A single gull wheeled overhead screaming out what might have been a warning, had anyone understood, or been prepared to listen. Offshore the swell rose and fell ominously, a restless movement like the bulk of a heaving whale, as it too whispered a plea for mercy....


A fascinating read; whenever I thought I knew where the storyline was going, the author surprised me yet again.
I highly recommend 

Susan Cave Book Reviewer - Goodreads


Pre- Reader's Testimonial:

Have finished reading it, thought it was good, plenty of suspects to keep you guessing. Liked the stepfather plot twist, had to keep going back thinking I had missed something but at no point does anyone say he is not the father until it is causally introduced. 

The lead is a good character with plenty of further novels I am sure. 


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Pre- Reader's Testimonial:

"Last week I took a short break to Cornwall, and I packed your book as I have been struggling to find time to read it.  Funny how quickly I have become acclimatised to my Kindle!
I had plenty of reading time, but frankly I did not need it, as once I had an uninterrupted session I whipped through it quickly. - What a good read."

Brendan Roodt 

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