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What is the human condition if not a foetid tangle of greed, savagery, prurience and blackest farce?

NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF SEGAL's short stories  - From the master of a disturbed imagination, here's a taste of the dark, macabre and sinister aspects of human nature. Nine tales of horror, perversion, the surreal and the supernatural, that promise to keep you up all night.


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How do you find money you haven’t got,
to pay for protection?

The gunfight at the OK Corral was a kids’ party compared to this blood bath.

How do you communicate when you don’t have the words? 

Can even a committed pacifist be tried too far? If circumstances prove impossible, might one be pushed to kill?

Is it the fast cars and the faster women? Or is it just the money?

What does it take to make yourself into a hero in your wife’s eyes?

Being a toy-boy has its compensations, particularly in the finance department.

Could you survive impossible odds in a hostile climate?

It’s under lock and key, but who’s been tampering with the intimate diary entries?


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