Hi20:20 Media Partners
Wycombe Sound media partners for Hi2020 Short Story Competition
Hertforshire life media paertner for Hi2020 Short Story competition for new writers


Short Story Competition

Hello and HUGE ThanQ !! 

Thank you to All who have helped Hi2020 become a success. Its our first National Short story competition and has been great fun making it happen. We have met the most amazing people along the way  - from our wonderful support partners Jonathan from Wycombe Sound - a big thank you for continually airing details, updates and interviewing people of wisdom, writers, and talking to some of our judges. Thank you to Chorleywood Book shops for their help in promoting the story competition, Hertford life for writing a splendid article and our fabulous Social Media department for their stoic energy and Dm's.

Now all the stories are gathered in and are going through the first process, ready for the PreJudges to draw up a cosy chair, put on their specs (if they are like me) and lick their marking pencil..

Brace yourselves folk... This is crunch time!!!


The hunt is on to find 19 winners
and ONE Best story Top winner.


Follow us on Twitter and Instagram as we will be posting updates on how its all going. The schedule if all goes to plan is;

August - for the First rounds of Prejudging and scoring

September - for the Semi final judging with ourTop Tier Judges.

October - If all the judges are agreed we plan to announce the winners

Good Luck writers

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Support yor local bookshop and order books online: make sre they are still there afte Corvid

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