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Short Story Competition

Hello to All

...budding authors who would love the chance to get their story published in a beautiful illustrated hardback book.

The Competition is open to unpublished writers who are proven
residents in one of the three districts (Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire or London), the original story must be between 1000 up to 1500 words and is written in English. Choose from one of the topics to inspire your creativity and send in by 19th June 5pm.


  1. • Adventure/travel

  2. • Thriller/Dark

  3. • Romance

  4. • Science/Fantasy

  5. • Young Writers (any subject) - for 11 to 18 yrs  (must be authorised by guardian or parent)

Please see below for a quick guide to writing and submitting.

The Prize’s aim is to find the best short stories from new writers across
3 districts - Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, who are between from 11 to 100 years old, any gender, nationality or background, who are a resident in one of the three districts.

The competition's Prize is for 20 individual Winners, whose subjects chosen from one of 5 categories, to be published in a beautiful illustrated hardback book by: Happy London Press an independent publisher.

Plus a radio interview on Wycombe Sound 106.6 fm and a recorded podcast of their story on Anchor.fm/HappyLDNPress and Wycombe Sound 106.6fm podcast.


Also we like to thank Chorleywood and Gerrards Cross Bookshops who are supporting the competition and will be both launching the winners and stocking the books at their beautiful shops.

And thank you to Hertfordshire Life Magazine for joining in the Awards


Here's what to do..

Once you have linked into to paypal - you will be sent a form - fill in the form and attach a PDF of your short story(ies) and send in via email listed on the form

Hi2020 podcast-2Nigel.jpg


+Early bird Discount

0ne entry £2 and two entries for £3 by May 6th 12am midnight GMT


After May 6th onwards Entry fee £6 per story

The deadline date for entries is 5PM (GMT) June 19th, 2020.
Winners will be announced

Friday July 17th, 2020 

Hi 2020 Short Story Festival Week.
Wycombe Sound FM106.6. 

here's what to do..

We're looking for original unpublished short fiction of between 1000 and 1500 words, written in English. If you have the talent but haven't yet put pen to paper – this is your chance to see if you are a writer.
Short stories might be a challenge to write, but the secret is to have few characters and one strong plot. Cut words that waffle and don't move the story forward.
There are five themes to choose from; 
• Adventure/travel
• Thriller/Dark
• Romance
• Science/Fantasy
• Young Writers (any subject) - for 11 to 18 yrs 

We love original stories with a bit of a twist or an unusual obstacle, and we love well thought through characters. The word count is tight so make every one count. 

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