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Little London Adventures &

Cockney Curiosities

By Clare Newton FRSA

An amusing and unusual book mixing short stories with contemporary street photography. The combination highlights the East end's rich heritage, that sites in between the regeneration of a massively growing city. But even history influences us today with sayings and behaviours we have forgotten its origins.

If you enjoy a rich mix of anecdotals and contemporary art photography, this book promises to take you on a new adventure, so get ready to dust down your camera to rediscover London's past.

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Clare Newton

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Clare Newton says of her work:

 “I want to provoke a feeling of empowerment in my pictures. Each portrait is about a special person who has achieved such incredible goals, no matter what. It is important for us to recognise their achievements, because through recognition it also empowers us, influencing the way we think about ourselves.”

In 2001 Clare Newton was awarded the British Female Inventor of the Year, with 5 international awards for innovation. 2017 Was recognised by

Royal Society of Arts for her extraordinary art projects which engaged a cultural breadth of society. For 2012 Clare made the World’s Longest Photograph, with 5,000 people taking part, appearing to simultaneously jump. True to form it made a Double Guinness World Record as part of the Cultural Olympiad’s World Record London - it was an astonishing 1 kilometre long by 2 metres high, printed on two and a half tons of specialist photographic material, that also documented an important piece of London’s history - as people celebrated 2012 Olympic Games.

Clare’s work has received the support of local councils, MPs and dignitaries as well as cultural societies and trusts such as English Heritage, Museum of London, Heritage of London Trust and Architectural Heritage Trust. She has also caught the media’s attention with BBC1 News, BBC Online website, articles in local newspapers and interviews on radio. 


Her first outdoor show, Summer 2009, Clare was invited to present the installation to the The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Ian Luder, on 17th June, after which a banquet at the Salters’ Hall was held, with the Chairman addressing the Mayor and company, applauding Clare’s work:
“As Chairman, I did not imagine that we would ever have our own art gallery in the park, and once again the innovative West Ham Team has pleasantly surprised me. The open air art exhibition, documenting the disappearing heritage of East London, installed and inspired by local artist, Clare Newton, is truly wonderful. Thank you, Clare, for giving us the opportunity to showcase your work and for supporting the park in such a positive way.”

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£565 handmade book with hand painted watercolours in the end pages, antique french ribbons for index cords, every page has been individually printed - one by one then hand sewn, and mounted into the glossy cover block - the handcrafting takes normally 6 weeks to make - but at this time maybe a bit longer


Spirit of Legends

By Clare Newton RSA

About the book:

Forward by Hannah Cockroft MBE

Only available as Hand crafted version -

EXCLUSIVE edition price: £545 - Pre order only

Paralympians are responsible for winning seven times more gold medals than Olympians in a third of the time, yet little documentation of their achievement exists. Hackney-based photo-artist Clare Newton set out to make photographic portraits of the many GB Paralympians, whose contributions to society are hugely important on so many different levels. Her adventures and alternative vision also connects them to the magical

and beautiful world of Greek mythology. Myths have long captured our imagination, enthralling us with stories, rich in passion and heroic deeds. Pre Raphaelites often used their stories, influenced by the views of Romanticism, believing it to possess spirituality. Clare spent years immersed in exploring the subjects and experimenting with processes that could capture the same essences of romantic spiritualism as the Pre Raphaelites, with

colours that could retain jewel-like qualities, hidden in the natural world to bring Spirit of Legends.

Artist Edition : AP/15

Full colour throughout 83 photographs, 14 elaborate montages of Grecian Gods

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