Beta Reader Club

Writing books is an intense process. It can take over a year, for an author to complete their book. They will undergo a long and sometimes frustrating journey, researching and discovering facts that bring fictions into life and something thats believable.

                                              The crafting sometimes takes an extra pair

                                               of eyes, to spot the awkward jigsawpieces of

                                               a story that don't fit or are missing.

                                                    This is where you can help.  If you enjoy                                                   reading and would love to be part of the                                                       creative process, we would love it if you

                                               join our little and very selective group.  

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Free Books

So what is a Beta Reader?

• Someone who loves reading and doesn't mind errors.

• Who Can enjoy a book and get back to us with their comments

• We will ask you to look for specific points eg: How strong is the plot or do you understand the storyline.

We send you a draft to read when an author is ready

After you have read the draft - We'll arrange for you and the other beta readers to join us

in Piccadilly W1 Waterstones

for an early evening drink and chat about the book.

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