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Ideas that found their way into my Crime Thriller stories

Life’s cliff-hangers are the very essence of novels. An extensive knowledge of London’s countless corporate enterprises, all jostling for power, has provided Andrew with the flesh from which might be drawn any of the tales emerging from that author’s pen. And so with first-hand experiences to exploit, each story has become an accurate portrayal of real events.  
   In that respect, Andrew has experienced the threats of physical violence after offering a lift to a contract killer, who was once employed by the notorious Kray twins. He’s further, witnessed the very real possibility of a petrol station under his supervision, being torched with catastrophic results for a major UK city. It required, 2 weeks, 100 lorries and all of Andrew’s ingenuity to organise the removal of highly flammable tyres dumped illegally on the site, so that vacant possession could be granted and sold on. In another intriguing event overseen by Andrew, a company director, the subject of a meeting of creditors, was required to be in attendance on the day, albeit by telephone, but from his jail cell.

Some material culled here for Andrew’s first thriller.

Andrew Segal

Andrew Segal

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