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Beads of Blood: 

And Other Stories

About the book:

Retail price: £7.95

Happy Books Web Price: £5.99 

Above is one of the chilling short tales I am a Gigolo in Beads of Blood

What is the human condition if not a foetid tangle of greed, savagery, prurience and blackest farce?

Are you God's gift to women? Could you survive, alone and without food, on a crippled yacht? How're you fixed for domestic abuse? Something you can handle? Can you be certain your wife has really been faithful to you? Would thoughts of revenge help you cope with a horrific rape administered by your peers?

Will you pay the moral price for a personal history of bank robberies and the random scalping and murder of innocents? Do you keep a diary of your devoted mother's sinister behaviour?

Might the prospect of marriage and money persuade you into a life of serial murder? What if your family and business are threatened by protection racketeers?

Not for the faint hearted, or easily offended, these ten stories are exhibitions of humankind in all its frail and frequently futile attempts to overcome, or else come to terms with, its overwhelming deficiencies.

Don't say you've not been warned.

Readers Reviews:

"Exciting book very interactive"

“Loved it! Science fiction with great storytelling had me enthralled cover to cover - excellent holiday reads” By Karle Fox - 20/10/2018

Andrew Segal


Andrew Segal is a prolific author with books ranging from rhyming kids’ stories through ‘The Hamilton Conspiracy’ to this series of fascinating thrilling short stories. His ‘day job’ provides the basis for many entertaining tales, and his imagination conjures characters and situations that will leave you eager to read more.

An idea for the first short story came out of the blue, (don’t they often?), and witnessed the production of the somewhat surreal, ‘Cat and Mouse,’ duly presented to wife and daughter, his sternest critics, for approval, which having thus been gained, resulted in Andrew joining a writer’s group.  The success of that first foray into the world of writing encouraged Andrew to write further, with the group clamouring for more each week.

Andrew finds inspiration for many of his stories in real life events. His story, ‘The Leopard,’ relates to an appalling event involving a family member when they were just 6 years old, and already showing signs of leadership skills.

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