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Happiness is curled up with a good read...

Out of adversity came happiness. Have you ever been in that situation, when something great was about to happen and then Boom ! It cra-a-shes down?  Well possibly we are all feeling it, with this with CoVid global catastrophe hitting us. 

Happy London Press was born out of adversity - hence its name - and  this is why we want to bring a lot more happiness. 

OK, so we are small, but we are most certainly very passionate about growing a great community of new writers, interesting authors and a wonderful mix of readers and book-lovers.  

We want to share experiences with you - and have a dynamic relationship with each of our authors and readers,.


Using our social media channels - we love bringing together amazing people who can share interesting facts or help you to write, or introduce you to new writers who have a different voice from the norm, we even will soon be launching a funky colourful magazine to help you with writing a short story (I hope you will consider entering it into the Hi2020 Competition).

We are very active on our social media sites... which we have quite a few.





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Have a Happy Day and remember…


"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes” Andrew Carnegie

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